21 March 2024

ORPEA S.A. announces the completion of the reverse share split of its outstanding share

20 March 2024

By becoming emeis, the Group reasserts its goal of providing personalised care and support for each vulnerable individual

5 September 2023

Fabienne Dulac joins ORPEA as Deputy Chief Executive Officer to accelerate the new phase in the Group’s transformation

7 June 2023

Filing of the 2022 universal registration document

24 April 2023

Response to the request made to ORPEA’s board of directors by a group of shareholders

24 March 2023

ORPEA completes a new step of its financial restructuring process with the opening of an accelerated safeguard procedure

23 March 2023

ORPEA implements a new mediation system in collaboration with Part’âge, the mediation non-profit, to be led by mediation correspondent, Claude Evin

20 March 2023

Signing of an agreement relating to an additional financing and the adjustment of the financing documentation of June 2022 with the main banking partners of ORPEA S.A.

6 March 2023

Convergence of the company’s main banking partners on the principles of an agreement on an additional financing and the amendment of the june 2022 financing documentation