3 January 2023

Professor Emmanuel HIRSCH is appointed Ethics Vice-President of the ORPEA Group

Professor Emmanuel HIRSCH, appointed Ethics Vice-President OF THE ORPEA GROUP, will be responsible for implementing and coordinating the renewal of ethics policy. For this purpose, he […]
21 December 2022

ORPEA filed a complaint against the Group’s former CEO Yves Le Masne

On 20 December 2022, ORPEA filed a new complaint, this time against Yves Le Masne, for charges likely to represent misappropriation of company assets or funds, […]
26 October 2022

Opening of an amicable conciliation procedure towards ORPEA S.A

The highly inflationary economic environment and the consequences of the strategic and financial review conducted, currently being finalized by the new management team since the Company’s […]
4 July 2022

ORPEA announces major changes in its board of Directors

Following the appointment of Laurent Guillot as ORPEA’s new Chief Executive Officer as of 1 July 2022, the ORPEA Group is announcing major changes in its […]
30 June 2022

ORPEA published the summary of the external assessment report on subjects relating to the care of nursing homes residents in France and to employment law

As per its commitment, the ORPEA Group has posted on its website the summary of the final conclusions of the audits carried out by Grant Thornton […]
19 May 2022


The Company has taken note of information published in yesterday’s press. The information refers to acts that were previously reported by the Company to the public […]
2 May 2022

Laurent Guillot appointed as CEO of the Group

ORPEA’s Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Laurent Guillot as Chief Executive Officer of ORPEA, effective July 1st.
8 April 2022

Orpea and UNI Global Union sign an international agreement on ethical employment, social dialogue, collective bargaining and trade union rights

On April 8, 2022, the Orpea Group and UNI Global Union met at the OECD headquarters in Paris for the signing ceremony of a landmark agreement […]
8 April 2022

Conclusion by Philippe Charrier – French Senate Social Affairs Committee Fact-finding mission.

During the Social Affairs Commission fact-finding mission’s hearing on the control of “EHPAD” (nursing homes’ legal name in France), in the French Senate on 30 March […]