14 May 2024

Solid 11.3% revenue growth for emeis in first-quarter 2024

6 May 2024

Filing of the 2023 Universal Registration Document

30 April 2024

emeis sells a real-estate portfolio in the Netherlands worth a total value of around €97 million

17 April 2024

FY 2023 Results

27 March 2024

emeis leverages innovation for healthcare: Introducing a unique robot to assist gait retraining at the Paris-Nord Functional Rehabilitation Centre

21 March 2024

ORPEA S.A. announces the completion of the reverse share split of its outstanding share

20 March 2024

By becoming emeis, the Group reasserts its goal of providing personalised care and support for each vulnerable individual

20 February 2024

ORPEA announces the implementation of the reverse share split of its outstanding shares

16 February 2024

2023 fourth-quarter and full-year revenue