The ORPEA Foundation’s values are all about commitment, action, support and transmission. These values are embodied in its motto: “Transmitting and creating ties”.

Reflecting the values that unite the company's social fabric and its desire to answer present for projects of general interest, the Foundation, by virtue of its rationale, its origins and its organisation, is the Foundation of all ORPEA employees.



The Foundation’s missions:

  • Making a strong social impact on the lives and well-being of the beneficiaries and on the actions undertaken;
  • Promoting inter-generational ties and transmission, by allowing the Group’s teams to make the most of their skills by acknowledging their expertise and their know-how;
  • Supporting and carrying out actions in two areas: Education and Health.


Shared extensively companywide, the Group’s ambition conveys a number of messages:

  • The ORPEA Foundation is actively engaged in France’s regions, as close as possible to ORPEA Group facilities;
  • The ORPEA Foundation supports long-term projects that meet requirements in terms of social utility and general interest;
  • The ORPEA Foundation comes into its own through the involvement of all those who take part in the actions and projects supported.

An inclusive foundation that reaches out to all employees who wish to get involved, whatever their profession or their location.

It is together – employees, residents, patients, families, with and for our partners – that solidarity is expressed.