emeis' ambition is to be a pioneer and innovator in its fields of activity, and to be a driving force behind proposals to meet the challenges of tomorrow's care. Through monitoring, innovation and research, emeis aims to focus on offering solutions that are ever better adapted to the needs of residents, patients and beneficiaries, but also to the expectations of its employees.

Whether for designing the new care pathways and systems of tomorrow in partnership with start-ups, rethinking the resident or employee experience, or partnering with researchers and universities to push forward research, the Group believes in collective intelligence and foresight to enhance its services and care.

  • Infirmier guidant son patient en tenue de sport sur une machine médicale
  • Homme pratiquant du sport avec des élastiques attachées à une barre
  • Infirmière débout guidant son patient en tenue de sport allongé sur une machine médicale
  • Senior s'exerçant à la marche sur un tapis de course
  • Jeune homme portant un casque à réalité virtuelle et une manette dans chaque main

A cross-functional and multidisciplinary approach to innovation to better advance practices

The Innovation Department is tasked with structuring the initiatives taken in all the countries in which the Group operates. By adopting an Open Innovation policy, it acknowledges and encourages the various internal and external sources of innovation both by managers and by those in the field. The department is focused mainly on improving the care and services provided to residents and patients, and the working conditions of its employees. In 2022, 112 active projects were identified in four fields:

  •   Real estate & accommodation
  •   Catering & hospitality
  •   Care & health
  •   Processes

This platform serves to share best practices while maintaining the agility required to innovate. Thanks to its international presence and the complementary nature of its healthcare services, collaboration between countries and professions is effectively encouraged. In fact, the Group has initiated a number of international strategic projects involving several countries to co-define new approaches, tools or offers. These projects accelerate innovation and its subsequent deployment.

In keeping with this collaborative innovation approach, emeis has set up a sharing platform to collect and qualify requests or ideas, oversee and share the progress of projects and disseminate best practices and the database of start-ups. Present in all of the countries in which the Group operates, this platform is operated by Innovation experts. In addition, through partnerships with start-ups, researchers or universities, the Group is positioned at the core of a dynamic ecosystem with which it develops productive ties to imagine the solutions and vocations of tomorrow.

Research: enhancing and passing on knowledge

In its quest to actively contribute to finding answers to the challenges faced by its sector, research and knowledge transfer represent priorities for emeis. The Research Department’s goal is to ensure that the professionals who comprise our teams can give meaning to their work by passing on their knowledge and good practices, and by confronting their activities with the latest scientific data. The activities of the department’s teams include theses, research work and partnerships with universities.