The nature of our activities places a very considerable responsibility on us. Earning the trust of residents, patients, their families, third parties with whom we do business, and public authorities is vital.

Integrity knows no boundaries. We must endeavour to achieve the highest ethical standards in all of our activities throughout the world if we are to safeguard our company’s continuity. We do our utmost to ensure compliance with our quality standards Groupwide, and with our values and ethical principles, as stated in our code of conduct on Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility code of conduct

In our capacity as a healthcare player, the words “respect” and “integrity” take on a whole new dimension. Accordingly, we must always keep in mind that ethics and social responsibility concern us all, no matter our position in the company and the situation we may face. The "Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility" code of conduct enables each Group employee, and all our stakeholders (patients, families, suppliers, partners, etc.), to behave with integrity and responsibility in all circumstances.


Anti-corruption and anti-influence peddling compliance program

emeis has set up a groupwide anti-corruption and anti-influence peddling compliance program in order to comply with the French law on transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernisation of economic life (known as the "Sapin 2" law) and to abide by the laws applicable in this area in the countries in which it operates. emeis applies a “zero tolerance” principle to any form of corruption.


Responsible procurement charter

In the scope of its corporate social responsibility approach, the Group seeks to make reciprocal commitments with its partners for responsible and sustainable procurement. Accordingly, through its Responsible Procurement charter, emeis has taken the necessary commitments to its suppliers to ensure that they are treated with fairness, respect and neutrality.


Personal data protection


Whistleblowing system

This platform serves to report any breaches of the Ethics and CSR code of conduct, of the anti-corruption code of conduct or of the legal framework. It is accessible at the following address:

All alerts received by the platform are dealt with confidentially and in compliance with the legal framework.