Medical ethics at the heart of our approach

We seek to reinforce our ethical culture, both within emeis and with all our stakeholders. On no account must we compromise on dignity, humanity, freedom of choice and justice with our patients and residents, and on ethics in our medical and support practices. The same goes for our responsibilities at the service of those who trust us.

For this purpose, there are three bodies within our Medical Department:

  • An Ethical Policy Council, which supports the Group’s ethical thought process. This interdisciplinary committee is tasked with addressing the major issues and reflections relating to care in each of the key medical disciplines covered by our facilities, as well as to disability and dependency. In particular, it suggests a renewed approach to societal issues, backed by current international references, as well as support for local situations that warrant its involvement. This council will examine the quarterly report of situations that raise local, regional or national ethical questions, forwarded by each cluster. This new matrix management guarantees support appropriate to all situations that challenge our caregivers and practices.
  • A space for ethical consultation, monitoring and vigilance: emeis has a variety of local ethical bodies. A map has recently been drawn up in France. It will be completed at the international level. A concerted evaluation of their activities will make it possible to identify their contributions to the shared culture of hospitality, good treatment and applied ethics in establishments and homecare facilities. It will contribute, if necessary, to reinforcing their intervention capacities within the framework of a relevant and effective system. The network will be set up during the first semester of 2023, with the mission of identifying and enhancing skills, sharing expertise and experiences, and contributing if necessary to their reinforcement within the framework of consultations and training. A 1st general meetng will be organized in 2024.
  • Urgent ethical consultation unit: if the governance, anticipation, monitoring and vigilance mechanisms must allow for appropriate decision-making, certain exceptional situations may require the possibility of consulting an ethics unit in an emergency. It may also be useful to have access to expertise in the context of feedback.
Read the press release on the appointment of Professor Emmanuel Hirsch, the new Director of Ethics of emeis: