emeis has always given priority to offering diverse care and support solutions in its post-acute and rehabilitation hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities or through its in-home care and assistance services.

The Group offers a comprehensive range of services and adapted care, complemented by the quality of its infrastructure and the professionalism of its 76,000 employees. Every day, it is thanks to these employees that we maintain ties that are vital for the dignity, “growing old well” and care of our 250,000 residents and patients welcomed each year. 

Wherever emeis may be, the underlying mission of our facilities is to:

  • Welcome the residents and patients entrusted to us in hospitable and caring environments adapted to their level of autonomy and their health condition;
  • Ensure their comfort and safety;
  • Build personalised care pathways, and support residents and patients in the gestures of everyday life;
  • Promote their fulfilment and well-being throughout their stay, through suitable socio-cultural and therapeutic activities;
  • Help with their sustainable reintegration or rehabilitation.

Our facilities:

Nursing homes

Our facilities are living environments that welcome elderly people whose situation requires attention, care or personalised help in the gestures of everyday life.


Our post-acute follow-up care and rehabilitation hospitals welcome patients following surgery or as part of an acute episode of a chronic disease.

Mental health hospitals

Femme psychologue donnant une thérapie à une autre femme

Our psychiatric hospitals provide support and care through a combination of approaches to help patients regain their psychological balance and healthy lifestyle.

Home care services

Our in-home services are adapted to the needs, desires and level of autonomy of our beneficiaries so that they can continue to live in familiar surroundings close to their loved ones.

Assisted-living facilities

Our assisted-living facilities offer a secure, high-quality living environment for those who want to enjoy life at their own pace in complete independence.