emeis, personalized care and support for every vulnerable person

Today, we're emeis.

We are experts and professionals in personalized care and support for every vulnerable person. This ambition is simple and clear. We are committed to it.

Personalized care and support:

  • This means that we offer our patients and residents a tailor-made care pathway, because each of them is unique. And we integrate each of their needs - medical, human and social - because no one can be reduced to his or her frailty: a patient is always, and above all, singular by virtue of his or her history, and rich in social ties.
  • This also means that we support people at risk at every stage, from prevention to treatment and rehabilitation. Aware that "breaks in the care pathway" are damaging, we develop bridges between our activities, as well as their complementarity with the care offered by local players.

For each vulnerable person, this means that we support all types of fragility, whether physical, cognitive or mental, and whether they concern a child, an adolescent, an adult or an elderly person. We are reinforcing our capacity to take charge of mental health: that of young adults (eating disorders, childcare), as well as that of the elderly (gerontopsychiatry).

The Group’s five activities


The history of emeis

The story of emeis began in 1989, when a neuropsychiatrist opened his first retirement home in Saujon, Charente-Maritime. As new establishments were built, the ORPEA Group was created.

Today, the Group is established in over 20 countries, mainly in Europe, and covers a comprehensive care offering of mental health clinics and medical and rehabilitation care, retirement homes, assisted living and home care, representing almost 1,000 establishments and 76,000+ employees.

In 2024, ORPEA became emeis, reflecting its values and purpose, and adopting a mission statement: We are committed to mobilizing our innovative strength to help those who find themselves in a fragile state to regain or preserve their strengths and abilities, to cultivate their zest for life, and to give confidence and serenity to their loved ones.