Taking good care of our patients and residents also means offering them living environments that are technically up to date and user-friendly, while giving priority to comfort and quality of life.

Special attention is given to the architecture of our facilities, with a dual focus:

  • The care and living environment of patients and residents
  • The working conditions of personnel

From the design of our facilities through to their construction, every step in the process is thought out based on these two criteria by our teams who internalise real estate competencies and know-how: project managers, engineering departments, architects and building engineers, economists, landscape designers and health safety managers.

  • Vision
  • Bel
  • Intérieure d'une chambre
  • Groupe de personnes ayant une activité sportive aquatique dans une piscine ORPEA
  • Vue extérieure d'une résidence ORPEA
  • Vue panoramique extérieure d'une résidence ORPEA

Optimising our residents’ comfort and our buildings’ efficiency

This also involves renovating and maintaining our facilities to the highest energy standards. Indeed, this is the first major step towards reducing GHG emissions. As of now, we effectively implement our green building strategy. For this purpose, the Group undertakes to:

  1. Fight climate change, with a 29% reduction in Group building energy consumption by 2030, and a 31% reduction in carbon emissions versus 2019. On-site renewable energy production, insulation and efficient equipment will allow us to achieve this.
  2. Protect and enhance biodiversity and biophilia (fostering interaction with nature to promote well-being in humans) thanks to the development of a charter drawn up with ecology specialists.
  3. Involve internal and external stakeholders in the Green Building approach, notably by obtaining - for all future construction projects - a very good BREEAM environmental certification or a Gold-level LEED, subject to a third-party assessment, and which offers a multi-topic approach to sustainable construction (comfort, energy, biodiversity, etc.).