emeis’ HR commitments

emeis is first and foremost a group of 76,000+ employees, with each of them firmly committed to supporting our patients, residents and beneficiaries.

Following its doctrine of balanced attentions, the Group launches major projects, catering to employees’ every need in health, safety and well-being so that they too can give their best and take care of residents and patients.


Our employees, our vital strength

emeis places special emphasis on developing, leveraging and providing resources and ways of working to fulfil the expectations of every single employee.


An employee experience and working conditions that put health, safety and well-being first

As soon as employees start their position, we implement a number of mechanisms which are strengthened to support them from day one, so that they can do their job safely while taking care of their health and safety. We place social dialogue, transparency, ethics and fairness at the heart of our revamped human resources policy.

To ensure the implementation of this policy, the Group is enacting a change in management culture and repurposing its dedicated HR teams so that they can conduct active listening while offering close support to employees and managers alike.


Positions with a purpose, in a learning organisation

Our teams’ outstanding commitment is inspired by a sense of purpose and social utility as they perform their tasks. Every day, our teams perform to the best of their ability thanks to their autonomy and a collaborative mindset. Regular training in their professions ensures continuous upskilling while opening up opportunities for career development. emeis aims to further develop as a learning organisation and diversify areas of knowledge to support its transformation while attracting the best people in a highly pressured sector.


A local organisation with global opportunities

The Group’s organisation into small, close structures of 60 to 80 employees advocates self-fulfilment and collaborative work, with a focus on human-size projects. Supported by 992 facilities, this organisation offers career prospects and opportunities in a range of business lines and activities, both in France and abroad: nursing homes, post-acute and rehabilitation care and mental health care, home care and assisted living.


Priority to health, safety and well-being


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