23 June 2023

Communication to ORPEA of two expert reports drawn up at the request of the insolvency judge appointed in the context of the Accelerated safeguard procedure

21 June 2023

Availability of the Addendum to the Independent expert’s report

15 June 2023

A unanimously signed agreement providing for unprecedented salary initiatives at ORPEA

13 June 2023

Shareholder and convertible bond holders meetings to be held on 28 June 2023

12 June 2023

Adjournment of in-person meetings of classes of affected parties

7 June 2023

Filing of the 2022 universal registration document

2 June 2023

First drawdown of €200 million under the “new money” financing with its core banking pool

26 May 2023

Convening of classes of affected parties in the context of the financial restructuring

25 May 2023

Signature of an agreement with ADORO SIA for the sale of ORPEA activities in Latvia